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Hot Lighting Trend: What Are Ketra Lights?

14 July 2021

If you’ve ever gone light shopping, you may know the frustration of trying to get the right quality of lighting for your home. Store displays and online images may look perfect, but how do you know what the product will look like when installed in the unique environment of your living room, bedroom, or hallway? It’s a common design problem that more homeowners are solving with the integration of Ketra lighting’s uniquely advanced technology.

Known for both its beauty and cutting-edge technology, Ketra is becoming one of the hottest trends in smart home lighting. What’s drawing more fans lately is the lightbulbs’ ability to mimic sunlight, as well as automatically adjust to colors that match:

  • Any indoor environment
  • The time of day
  • A specific activity

Their latest residential product lines give homeowners access to a highly customizable form of LED lighting designed to shift in color temperature and intensity throughout the day. This eliminates the need to choose the proper Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) when shopping for lighting products. Their versatility can have a huge impact on how you feel in any given space in your home.

What is Ketra?

Produced by Lutron, Ketra combines the latest in lighting technology, aesthetics, and a wider range of options from a single light source. Their bulbs have the unique ability to produce different lighting temperatures and colors that can seamlessly adjust to your surroundings. In addition to producing different moods to match the time of day or activity, this versatility enables them to mimic natural light in a way that other lighting doesn’t.

They also appeal to folks on the lookout for environmental savings. Because they’re LEDs, they use much less wattage than traditional bulbs. A 65- watt incandescent is equivalent to a 13-watt LED. They run cool, so the bulbs won’t heat up.

Dynamic spectrum lighting: A More Intelligent Light Bulb

Ketra’s highly innovative products fit well with today’s more advanced smart home lighting systems. Most lighting is manufactured to produce just one color. That hue can’t be altered for different spaces and purposes. Incandescent lighting is similarly limited in the color it produces.  Ketra lights are “tunable” – meaning you can adjust the bulbs to create countless different ambiances.

According to LEDs Magazine, these particular LEDs offer thousands of shades that shift in color temperature and intensity throughout the day. Brighter, bluer light in the morning will tell your body to wake up. Warmer temperatures in the evening will let you know the day is ending and help prepare you for sleep.

Enjoy a spectrum that includes:

  • A broad palette ranging from cool to warmer whites
  • Qualities mimicking light found in nature
  • Natural dimming capabilities

Integrate with Smart Home Controls

With any modern lighting system, controls make it easier to customize targeted spaces in your home, remotely or from the next room. One downside: Ketra doesn’t operate over wifi. But the lights can be wirelessly controlled through mobile apps and various wall control options using different smart home networks and voice control tools.

One of Ketra’s new capabilities is a software program that connects light sources to Lutron controls, which let you adjust the color, temperature, and intensity of up to 200 light sources. The lights can also be connected to vacancy, occupancy, and daylight sensors for convenience and safety.

Lighting Choice of Art Lovers

Before it made its way into residential homes, Ketra was illuminating light-sensitive photographs and 16th-century works of art. According to Ketra’s website, the Art Institute of Chicago has installed over 6,000 tunable Ketra lamps throughout the museum. 

The same qualities that make it ideal for art exhibits can be harnessed to highlight artwork, furnishing, or other features in your home. The lights’ “vibrancy” effect can alter and enhance how the colors of objects appear. Use linears to emphasize design features or create mood lighting when you entertain. Or downlights to concentrate the light downward toward your reading area or other specific spaces you want to highlight. You choose the lumen output, trim color, and beam angle that works for you.

The experts at MediaTech can integrate a wide variety of lighting, including Ketra, and the controls of your choice to produce your ideal environment. Whether in one room or the whole house, we’ll help find the solution that’s best for you and your family. Contact us online here or give us a call at 630-454-9509 to discuss how we can create the perfect solution for your home.