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Discover the magic of movies

Envision your own private cinema with cutting-edge audio-video quality, seamless control and a comfortable, stylish design that allows your favorite movies to transport you into another world in the comfort of home.

Home Theater

Take your seat for the ultimate home viewing experience.

Your own private cinema

Treat yourself to a true cinematic experience in a purpose-built environment engineered to deliver all the impact the filmmaker intended.

From laser-sharp images and immersive surround sound to custom room acoustics, lighting and seating, Hi creates custom home theaters that rival the finest studio screening rooms. All you have to do is say, “Play.”

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    There are home theaters.
    And there’s your home theater.

    Tell us about the experience you want your home cinema to offer, and we’ll bring it to life.
    • Lighting

      Cinema Lighting

      Light control enriches the viewing experience. Dimmed overhead lights or wall sconces add ambiance, while reducing the eye strain caused by pitch-dark environments. LED strip lights and lamps improve safety and help you better see your snacks. And layered lighting as part of your home theater design provides versatility when the room is used for activities like gaming or watching sports.
    • Acoustical Treatments

      Acoustical Treatments

      Want sound quality unmatched by commercial theaters – with no reverberations or echoes to take you away from the action? Our studio-grade acoustics target audio reflections to ensure an even, natural soundscape. And at the same time they absorb intergalactic explosions, the same acoustical treatments bring out every nuance of a footstep or whisper.
    • Control


      Effortlessly adjust lights, audio, video, climate and more from a dedicated touchpad, mobile app or custom-programmed remote. Want to invite guests to a movie night? Create pre-set scenes you can pull up at the press of a button. One touch and the lights dim, the projector powers on, the screen drops, and your favorite streaming service fills the room.
    • Sound


      Revel in professional surround sound installation. Feel every clap of thunder. Hear the creak of floorboards as if they’re right behind you. Custom-calibrated loudspeakers expertly placed around the room, including in the ceiling and walls, provide the ultimate movie-watching experience without intrusive tech compromising the cinematic look and feel of your theater.
    • Projectors


      Recapture the majesty of classic big-screen cinema with a 4K projector in your home theater. Stunningly sharp, larger-than-life images transport you to the heyday of the grand movie houses – only now, you’ll see your cinema classic in perfect color, with contrast and black levels that make it seem like you’re looking through a window rather than a movie screen.
    • Screens


      Pair your projector with an ambient light-rejecting screen for an incomparable viewing experience. Precision-designed to ensure you get a bright image with rich colors even in sub-optimal lighting, the screens are available in a wide range of sizes and formats – including retractable designs. Our experts will guide you in making the best choice for your space.
    • Custom Seating

      Custom Seating

      Nothing beats the comfort and utility of custom home theater seating. Choose from a vast array of modular designs, colors and fabric options to match your aesthetic. Then elevate the experience with custom home theater seating accessories, ranging from retractable arms, cup holders and tray tables, to touch-screen mounts, reading lights, lumbar pillows, and more.

      Custom designed for your home.

      It starts with a one-on-one consultation between you and a Hi Solutions home theater design expert. We’ll scope out the space, of course, but most important: We’ll learn about your needs and priorities. From technical features and functionality to décor, lighting and seating configurations, almost anything is possible. Our job is to create a custom home theater oasis for our customers in and around sunny San Diego, Greater Philadelphia and the Florida Palm Beaches that reflects their unique tastes, requirements and wishes.

      We Put Your Trust First – Always

      At the heart of any successful relationship is trust, and we’re serious about earning yours. You’ll find evidence of our commitment both in the experience of working with us, and in the value we provide:
      Personalized Design
      Our automation systems are custom-designed for your home and personalized to your preferences.
      Unequaled in their skill and artistry, our team members work at the pinnacle of their profession.
      24/7 Support
      Our job doesn’t end after installation. You rely on our technology 24/7, and we’re here assist you 24/7.
      Local Business
      We take pride in our strong community connections and fast service turnarounds to meet customer needs.
      All of our team members adhere to business codes of conduct and ethical standards with no exception.
      Our strict discretion standards ensure your privacy and provide the utmost in protection.

      There’s beauty in simplicity.

      Looking for something simpler? We can create a multi-purpose media room outfitted with premium 4K HDR TV displays, AV receivers and high-resolution speakers with almost no impact on the existing furnishings, décor and layout.

      Looking for Something Simpler?

      A multi-purpose media room outfitted with premium 4K HDR TV displays, AV receivers and high-resolution speakers can also craft the immersive experience intended by film and video game creators.

      Experience an Exceptional Viewing Environment

      Tell us your vision and see how we bring it to life.
      Contact us today for more information and next steps.