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Why You Should Renovate in the Fall

16 September 2021

Humans are seasonal creatures, especially here in the Midwest, and there’s a reason so many homeowners prefer to get their renovation and remodeling projects done in the fall. So much of the year is spent thinking about what we want to do outside. But when that nesting urge sets in, our focus shifts to upgrading the elements inside our homes, whether it’s to ensure a warmer quality of lighting, a more reliable sound system, or our desire to have a more integrated way of controlling them.

Cooler autumn weather brings with it conditions that are ideal for diving into that remodel you’ve been dreaming about. And there are several reasons why.

Fall Brings Better Conditions for Contractors and Clients

In the fall, homeowners are back from their summer vacations, and with the kids out of the house, many families finally have the ability to focus on the bigger home projects that will require a little time and focus to implement. Many contractors prefer to work in cooler months, as well, particularly if it’s an outdoor project with no protection from the elements. The milder weather is a benefit for areas of the Midwest that experience hot, humid summers and frigid winters.

Cooler, less extreme weather provides better conditions for builders and remodelers, as well as homeowners who might be inconvenienced by a project that lasts more than one or two days. The fall can also provide for more convenient scheduling for families with school-age children, who won’t be underfoot and in the way.

Prepare for the Midwestern Winter to Come

What better incentive is there for improving your living space than knowing friends or family will be visiting? As the holiday season approaches, it’s a great incentive for renovation projects that will leave you with a kitchen that’s more accommodating for food prep, as well as creating more comfortable, modernized spaces for entertaining. With snow and ice on the horizon, many families want their entertainment center, living room, and guest rooms to be equipped with the latest home automation upgrades before guests arrive. Any weatherizing or cold weather preparation can be handled at the same time.

New Beginnings for the New Year

A year ago, many home improvement projects were on hold, so homeowners are once again taking on larger discretionary home improvements as the economy recovers. The purpose of any home renovation project is to have a better, more comfortable living experience. Instead of simply changing the hue of your walls or adding fancier appliances, renovation is also about refreshing and reinvigorating your surroundings.

Autumn reminds people in many parts of the country that they’ll be spending a lot more time indoors soon. And as the new year approaches, there’s a tendency to want to feel warm and cozy in a fresh, luxurious home environment. Here are four ideal fall home remodeling projects to keep you comfortable and entertained during the colder months to come:

Automated Climate Control. Treat yourself to an updated climate control system that you can manage from anywhere. When you integrate your HVAC into a smart home system, you get complete automated climate control that allows you to easily manage temperatures from any room in your home.

Home Theater. The whole family will be able to chill at home to their favorite sports, music, and video games when you equip your home theater system with the latest technology. Be sure your plan includes a media server so you can store the family’s video and music collection in one place, accessible from anywhere in your home.

Custom Audio and Video. You’ll enjoy your downtime this winter with a smarter audio and video system, which can be added to any custom build project. A vast array of solutions is available for any audio and video needs.

Automated Window Treatments. People who appreciate indoor beauty, as well as climate control, should incorporate automated window treatments into their home’s control system. They combine elegance, ease of use, and the ability to program them to fit your schedule, all while helping to create a more eco-friendly home.

If you’ve been putting off your ideal kitchen or master bath remodel, you’re not alone. Many homeowners put their remodeling projects on hold in 2020 – particularly in the Midwest and Northeast. But now they are getting their projects back on track so they can spend the winter in a freshly renovated home that is adapted to their needs and desires.

At MediaTech Living, we understand the complexities involved in any of your remodeling projects, as well as the urgency to get it done before winter arrives. Call or email us any time to discuss your next project, and one of our specialists will be happy to walk you through the steps needed to turn your dream into a reality.