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7 Questions to Ask Before Adding a Home Automation System

14 May 2021

Every smart home project begins with a conversation. Would you like the ability to listen to your music collection virtually anywhere in your house? How about checking on your home from anywhere in the world to make sure it’s secure? Cloud-based solutions make just about anything possible, and those first questions will help you define the scope of your new smart system.

Here are the best questions to ask before getting started.

What Are Your Main Priorities?

Are you driven by convenience, comfort, a love of technology, or all three? Identify your passions as well as your needs. If you’re most excited by the idea of installing cameras, securing and monitoring your front entrance, and setting your alarm with the tap of a finger, then a new surveillance system should probably be at the top of your wish list.

What Elements Can Be Upgraded?

Perhaps your goal is to integrate a more modern, full-home audio system. If so, list the audio components throughout your house and how you currently interact with them.

Next, you will need the assistance of a professional to figure out which areas of your home need the most work. An exchange of information will determine how your new smart home technology will connect with what you currently have. A professional can tell you what components of your existing system are adaptable, what needs to be replaced, and explain how upgrading to an automated system can also save energy and make your life easier.

Where Should You Start?

With so many options available, we’ll help you narrow down your wants and needs to get a sense of the time and financial commitment involved. Certain rooms might need more work than others. An increasingly popular place to start is the home theater. But every home is different. Just about any feature today can be automated, but some people prefer to start small and adding new features over time.

What Is the Scope of the Project?

Our experts work closely with homeowners to design the optimal system with their individual space in mind. Ask about the time you’ll be investing and what the installation will realistically involve. We can build your system in stages, adding new technologies as you’re ready for them. A MediaTech specialist will be able to walk you through your options from start to finish. A visit to your home might be necessary to determine the full scope of your project.

How Will It Work?

It’s always a good idea to be sure you fully grasp what your project will entail before signing off on it. Ask questions so you understand how different areas of your home will be interconnected to allow remote access through your devices.

An expert can help you decide which electronics or devices to start with. Find out about such information as whether it will make sense to access your system through a laptop, smartphone, or tablet? If you’re using a wall-mounted device, discuss where it will go and what that installation will require. You should be able to visualize what your new system will look like to the last detail.

Can Your Network Handle it?

There are many ways to wire an existing home. Because many MediaTech devices are wireless, homeowners typically aren’t restricted by the wiring in their walls. However, you will want to assess the strength of your network and wiring early on. This information is important in determining whether what you have provides an effective communications infrastructure for home networking.

How reliable is your Wi-Fi? Security cameraslighting, and many other smart products operate on Wi-Fi. If you have experienced unreliable internet access, you might have to look into upgrading your network.

What Service Can You Expect During and After?

Customer support is often overlooked by people searching for a home automation system or provider. A lack of quality support can cost you precious time and resources. Our specialists are available at any stage of a project to ensure that any fixes are resolved as quickly as possible. Our security and surveillance systems are backed by a one‐year warranty, extended maintenance agreements, and 24/7 emergency service. 

Exploring your options will help you nail down the details. At MediaTech, we can answer any questions you have about creating a smarter home. To discuss how to turn your dream into a reality, get in touch with us today.