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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

14 June 2021

This time of year, everyone’s favorite room is outside. And given what we’ve all been through in the past year, the desire to use these spaces to entertain in style is stronger than ever. What better time to upgrade from an OK outdoor entertainment system to an ideal one that’s equally enjoyable for everyone? 

Your particular setup should both meet your needs and respond to any existing issues. Start by asking what exactly you want your deck or yard to offer. Have you dreamed of a better space for barbequing with the game on, hosting a backyard graduation party, or perhaps both? With today’s technology, nothing is off limits just because it’s outside. You can automate your swimming pool or spa and add more appropriate audio and visual touches throughout that are both practical and beautiful.

Outdoor AV Entertainment

Entertaining on the patio, deck, or out by the pool has never felt better. Most outdoor entertainment plans will include at least some of these in-demand components: music that reaches everyone, a weatherproof TV, well-distributed lighting, and an easy-to-use control system. You’ll be able to control the TV and your video sources with your choice of device:

  • Apple or Android phones and tablets
  • On‐wall keypad
  • Handheld remote or touch screen

A Smarter TV

How about a system that lets your family watch a favorite movie or the big game live out on the patio, day or night? This setup requires audio and visual components suited for the great outdoors. A flat‐panel TV in weatherproof housing with the latest in smart TV and surround-sound technology is ideal for just about any setting.

Recent options such as Samsung’s Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TV are built to withstand water, dust, and every type of Midwestern weather so you can take the party outside, rain or shine. Be sure to look for something with anti-reflection technology so your guests can watch from any location.

Custom Lighting

An upgraded outdoor lighting system will require something to set the mood as well as combat the elements. With an automated lighting system, you’ll have more options for adjusting to the time of day, group size, and ambiance for your courtyard, poolside area, or that space under the eaves of your home. Don’t worry – a professional will help you select whatever works best for your circumstances and make sure power easily connects to your new setup.

Lighting solutions today can be customized so they play on key features and amenities outside. If you love to entertain while stationed at your outdoor kitchen, for instance, you’ll want your sink, gas grill, and counter space to be well-lit. The proper controls will enable you to dim the lighting in some areas but keep things brightly lit where needed.

Speakers to Match Your Space

No summer party is complete without music. Many different audio systems can be integrated to fit a specific setting, whether mounted or installed in the ground. One or two wireless speakers might suffice to stream tunes when out on the deck. But if your neighbors gather to watch the game with you, you might need something more substantial.

Speaker placement can be one of the trickier aspects of planning an outdoor sound system. Some homeowners place a couple of speakers near the home and aim them at the pool or yard, then find out the hard way the sound isn’t comfortably distributed. It’s a common mistake that can overwhelm those nearest the house while hardly reaching guests farther away.

A larger yard could have up to eight speakers around the pool with in-ground subwoofers. Well-distributed speakers throughout can ensure a more enjoyable time for everyone. But if you prefer to keep some areas quieter, that can happen, too.

High-Quality Sound

The latest audio systems were designed to improve the quality of sound people experience, as well as handle extremes such as freezing rain and heat. Therefore, a simple audio upgrade can sometimes provide a more uniform sound across a broader area for streaming music or experiencing movies at any volume. A system that includes a 70V amplifier, in-ground subwoofers, and custom settings will be optimal for either a small patio gathering or a large backyard party.

To secure and improve your network connectivity, you’ll want to include devices throughout the space as access points for boosting your Wi-Fi. Look for something designed for the outdoors that can be wired to your home network.

Automate Your Dream

Maybe all the right pieces are in place, but your outdoor dream space lacks efficiency. Every element needed for entertaining outdoors – sound, visuals, lighting, even cooking – must be designed to function in any weather. And if it’s on an electric source, chances are it can be automated for more ease of use if it isn’t already. Just a few examples are:

  • Your hot tub temperature control, so you can set the mood from inside
  • The pump control in your swimming pool
  • You fire table controls, for when things eventually cool down

Whatever you choose should ultimately be customized as a reflection of your personal needs and desires. All you need is someone to help get you started.

MediaTech can design and install all of the lighting, sound, and audio elements for entertaining outdoors. Our experts have the answers and guidance to get your yard or patio exactly where you want it. Contact us online here or give us a call at 630-454-9509 to discuss what we can do for you.