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Components of a Great Distributed Audio System

11 May 2022

The perfect distributed audio system will be capable of doing multiple things at once, with the ability to satisfy the needs of each family member in different parts of the home. It lets users control the TV or music in their own personal space using their choice of device, without any interference. Achieving something that addresses varying desires simultaneously requires a complex design that can link multiple devices in your home, enabling them to communicate over a sufficiently robust network.

Ideally, a distributed audio system should be able to: 

  • Control differing sound levels throughout an entire home
  • Appropriately incorporate various speakers and other hardware 
  • Be integrated with a sturdy network 
  • Enable communication between different elements and devices 
  • Allow for quality playback

Getting it right may seem a bit daunting, as there are more than a few details to work out when tailoring the proper system for a given space. But no one should feel overwhelmed by their own audio system. Even as distributed audio allows for better sound quality and more features to meet our ever-increasing demands, interacting with it should be as simple as turning on a light.

Customizing Your Multi-Room or Whole-House Audio System 

Multi‐zone and whole house audio systems allow independent audio sources to function simultaneously in whichever rooms the customer chooses. And many homes have already graduated to a multi-room system that lets them line up shows in the entertainment room while enjoying their playlist in the kitchen. A whole-house audio system simply expands so that anyone can enjoy the music of their choice in any room or combination of rooms, and seamlessly bring it with them with the touch of a button.

Customization allows you to make it truly yours, with appropriate speakers for the space and a user-friendly control system that allows for ease of use. For instance, home audio systems often make use of in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers or small satellite speakers. A professional is typically needed to bring together the components within that system, integrating the network and control panel with smart wireless speakers, amplifiers and whatever else may be needed. 

Incorporating Distributed Speakers

After ensuring high sound quality, getting the proper distribution of sound will make all the difference in the world. Elegant in-ceiling or in-wall speakers can blend seamlessly with your home design while providing superior sound. When entertaining, you want guests on either side of the room to enjoy their experience as they move through the space. Therefore, some forethought (and possibly a home audio expert) will need to go into the distribution of speakers while still meeting all your other criteria. 

However, there’s often more to achieving uniform sound distribution than the spacing between speakers. Your living room may have better acoustics in one area than another. A specialist who visits your home can discuss the acoustics in the different spaces and the optimal way to distribute sound throughout without compromising on quality. 

Don’t Overlook Proper Outdoor Audio Distribution 

As spring melts into summer, now is a great time to upgrade your outdoor system so that it works as well outside as indoors. Consider adding audio features to your outdoor space that are both practical and beautiful. Here in the Midwest, a weather-resistant TV and other elements will be vital to getting the most of your system in any season. 

Most outdoor entertainment plans will include in-demand components to provide music that reaches everyone with an easy-to-use control system. You’ll want to ensure your outdoor speaker placement achieves the same uniform quality as the rest of your system. A solution might involve installing multiple well-distributed, in-ground subwoofers, proper access points and custom settings.

Find a Home Automation Expert Who Specializes in Midwestern Homes 

There’s a vast difference in the reliability between off-the-shelf systems and advanced smart home equipment. Since smart homes rely on the quality of the infrastructure, a home automation expert will determine if any hardware or wiring is needed and can make sure your system will work before installation begins. While you’re at it, there may be other devices throughout the home that can be automated. Even if audio is your main focus, consider asking about lighting, security and other elements to add them later. 

The experts at MediaTech can design and install all of the visual and audio elements for any space, indoors or out. Contact us online here or give us a call at 630-454-9509 to discuss the next step in getting the distributed audio system of your dreams.